Traffic Defence has been fighting my traffic tickets for me, my family and friends for several years now. Traffic Defence is successful with every ticket I give them. – S.Nguyen-Student – Richmond Hill, Ontario.
I work in an industry where I am consistently interacting with people. Whenever I come across someone who needs to fight a traffic ticket, I refer them to Traffic Defence. Over the past six years my trust in Traffic Defence has grown tremendously to the point where I’m referring all my family and friends. I don’t have to give up my time to go to court because I know that they will get me the best possible outcome. – S.Emanuele – CSR. Toronto, ON
Both my wife and I have taken our traffic tickets to Traffic Defence. My wife was losing sleep because of her tickets. They were able to get rid of them for her. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with their traffic matters. They dealt with us in a professional and respectful manner. – G.Kuzmanovic, Business owners – Toronto, ON.
I have taken many traffic tickets to Traffic Defence over the last couple of years. They have provided me with honest and attentive service. I am very happy with the results they achieved for me (and my driving record!). I recommend them to anyone with a ticket. – S. Spisak, Entrepreneur – Toronto, ON.
I have taken many tickets to them in the past. I’m amazed at the results they get for me. My car insurance rates are low because of them. Many thanks. – B. El-Zein, Business Owner – Mississauga, ON.
I don’t even get stressed out anymore when I get a ticket. I know that they will be looked after. TD works wonders. They made everything absolutely convenient for me when I went into their office. I was completely taken care of. A great experience, considering the circumstances!!! – C.Kelly, Screenwriter – Toronto, ON.
I got a ticket and was referred to Traffic Defence by a friend. Since then I have taken more tickets to them. My driving record…spotless! They are honest, thorough and consistent. I refer anyone I know to them. – L. Arabia, Personal Trainer – Toronto, ON.
I have taken many tickets to Traffic Defence in the past. I’ve also taken my wife’s tickets to them. I travel a lot so I need to be sure all of my affairs are in order before I leave town. I know that they will look after my traffic matters while I’m gone, and that gives me absolute peace of mind. The service that they provide is top notch. – S. Lucescu, Business Owner – Kleinberg, ON / Montreal PQ.

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